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This is a title sequence I made in After Effects for a video class. We all shared the same pool of footage (shot by us in a studio) and the assignment was to make a title sequence of our own choosing. I believe in emulation so I decided to emulate one of my favorite movie title sequences. The movie I chose to copy was Se7en. This is a brilliant title sequence so I broke it down the best I could and make it work with the given clips. Originally I had the footage almost second to second however, the names came to fast on the screen so I had to push the time back a little bit. I know the names are fast and animated but I like that in this video. It’s pretty much a knock off or a remix of Se7en so I titled it 8eight.



Car Commercial Score

Posted: August 5, 2011 in My Videos
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This is a car commercial that I did Foley and scored to in Logic Pro. It required piano in the beginning then to transform into a rocky edge sound. I think I nailed it.

I Am Here

Posted: July 27, 2011 in My Videos, No Specifics

I made this bumper in After Effects and scored to it in Logic Pro

Hello and welcome to my blog. My goal for this site is to allow people to see what kind of person I am. This is also for me to express my thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world because there is no point in holding it in when it could be insightful and a valuable source of information for others. Enjoy.