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Staying creative and productive can be a difficult task if you aren’t focus or having a “block” of some sort…ya know that moment in which you just wanna bang your head against a brick wall like a whacky Looney Tune. Especially if it’s a project whether it be for your own individual goal or for a group of people they are relying on your input and work.

You either have two options. One is to get it done as perfectly as possible in a timely manner. The other option… to get that shit done. Period.

Personally when I am experiencing a block I tend to (more…)


Questionnaires truly do suck

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Brain Cells
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So I managed to score a job interview not that far away from where I live. It’s not my dream job however I wouldn’t have mind working there seeing as how it’s better than nothing. After the interview the guy told me to apply online. (I got interviewed first because I left my resume and the manager called me back.) Anyways I go home and filled it out completely. We ended playing a good game of phone tag until I was finally able to reach him. After a few days later (after the drug test) I had to go back to finalize things. Apparently he was unaware that I needed to do a questionnaire so he sat me on the computer to do it. He wasn’t sure why the results didn’t come back instantly so he called another office and asked for help. After he got off the phone he told me that it would take 6-24 hours and apologized. We shook hands and it was all good. He told me to call back the next day so he could try to get me some training started. I called the next day…

I failed the damn questionnaire. Lame.

First of all, I can’t stand those stupid things to begin with because they ask the dumbest questions. Personal I think it’s to see how much you can BS but that’s my opinion on the subject. It’s like I do get why they would need to filter people out but at the same time why can’t managers just be able to hire who they want without the ridiculous corporation questions when clearly they need someone. Prior to this fiasco, he called me back multiple times asking if I was interested so I’m sure he was serious to hire me and not jerking my chain.

I can’t help but to wonder why some of these places even bother doing this because they still hire people who perform poorly…I’m sure we’ve all encountered some of them. Don’t get me wrong I’m not whining about it nor am I bitter or distraught about it. I didn’t get it so I just need to keep on pushing plain and simple. Fine. I am most certainly not to jolly as to the reason why because clearly I know for a fact that I am qualified for the job.

Employers have their reasons. I’m sure they do, but these assessments still suck hard. I have gotten some pretty jobs without taking assessments. Maybe it wouldn’t be as bad if I did it for a high paying occupation but for that to happen for minimum wage jobs and I think to myself ” really? I got turned down because of this? Man I really feel bad for people with master degrees who are having a hard time getting work.”

Well that’s pretty much it with my rant which is something I don’t do often but this was just flat-out dumb and I felt the need to express it. Clearly it’s not the end of my life or anything like that but all I can do is learn from my mistakes and continue on my epic journey to being a kick ass film maker, entertainer and artist.

This is a photo manipulation that I learned from a tutorial. I just followed the steps and viola this was the result. Normally I would emulate and change in order to make it “my own” but I honestly just liked it the way it is, so I didn’t do another draft or variation. It’s important to learn from tutorials/guides no matter what subject you are studying. Tutorials can help you evolve your craftsmanship, skills, concepts, perceptions, techniques, etc. We are living in the age of the internet so are there any excuses? (more…)