iPhone photography

Posted: December 2, 2011 in Photography
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Technology is so amazing nowadays and it’s constantly getting better. Way back in the days, there weren’t cell phone that could do all of the things that we can do now. One of the best integrations was the fusion of phone and camera. Like many people I started realizing that I don’t always carry my camera on me (my Nikon) but my iPhone takes good enough pictures for me to enjoy and love. There are great apps that’s helps enhance the photos and makes photography fun. Check out a few of my iPhone photos.





I will post more and better photos in the future.

  1. Anani says:

    Yeah, these are nice shots. Someone else told me about one of those photo apps that enhances pictures — I might have to check one of ’em out.

    On a separate note, based on a few of your photos, I’m not positive but I bet I can take one guess what state (and maybe even city) you live in…lol.

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