A Blast from the past….well kinda

Posted: November 15, 2011 in My Random Art
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You know something is ancient when you think “What was I thinking? How did I think that was cool?” Like most people, I stumbled onto something old and practically forgotten. In my case I found some old drawings that I had done a few years ago. I had to think to myself “Man what an eyesore to look at, it looks like a ten year old drew this”. Although I wouldn’t say that I’m particularly “proud” of my old drawings, I can honestly say that I am proud of my progression. Had I kept going and continued to draw, maybe I would’ve been pretty good by now. That’s the beauty of practicing, you always get better. It’s funny because when I graduated high school, I either wanted to be an actor or game designer. I decided to give game design a shot so I clearly had no drawing experience except for a little bit of calligraphy. I might not have been the best but at least I eventually got better. I even started getting confident enough to do some experimental play.

  1. hmunro says:

    I command you to start drawing again at once! Wait — is that too pushy? Seriously, though … I hope you’ll consider going back to drawing, if only for your own enjoyment. I love your drawings! They’re very evocative, especially considering they’re rough figure studies.

    Keep up the interesting posts! 🙂

    • harruhsun says:

      Haha Thank You it’s funny because I gave the majority of my art supplies to my younger brother because he actually draws more than me but every once in a while I might doodle a thing or two. If anything I might start getting back into calligraphy so I’ll keep it posted.

  2. raburcke says:

    You should get back to it. You were off to a good start!

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