Burn the Passion but not the Fire…Tutorials & Guides are Awesome

Posted: October 11, 2011 in Brain Cells
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This is a photo manipulation that I learned from a tutorial. I just followed the steps and viola this was the result. Normally I would emulate and change in order to make it “my own” but I honestly just liked it the way it is, so I didn’t do another draft or variation. It’s important to learn from tutorials/guides no matter what subject you are studying. Tutorials can help you evolve your craftsmanship, skills, concepts, perceptions, techniques, etc. We are living in the age of the internet so are there any excuses?

If you want to learn something…Google it!

If you are moderately internet savvy enough, you can come across a large array of FREE tutorials and “how to” guides so you should never have to pay unless it’s exclusive, school/training, files, etc. If you don’t mind paying for a “school type” of site in which you learn a subject like lessons, then check out Lynda.com for any tutorial you could possibly imagine well….that is things that are computer related. For anything else that’s not technology related like languages, I was told that Rosetta Stone works pretty good but that can be subjective.

Here are some links to free tutorials that I check often and also find beneficial for designers, artist or curious people. Although these are Photoshop tutorials, many of them are somehow linked up to Illustrator and other tutorials as well.

Motion Graphix/ Video Editing

ae tuts+

motion graphics tutorials

video copilot     (my top choice for this category)



Photoshop Graphix

psd tuts +

psd fan extra

planet photoshop

photoshop user tv

Click here to view the tutorial for the artwork above. Also don’t forget the power of forums as well…you can practically find any answer or feedback by finding the right forum community. And of course everybody loves YouTube for learning purposes. Remember that anything you learn is at your own expense so if you think watching House or a classic episode of Dougie Houser MD is gives you the right to perform some medical operation on someone then maybe you should get a CAT scan while you are at it because clearly there must be a few busted brain cells in the medulla oblongata area.

J/K but not really.

Any work in my abstract page was more than likely influenced by a tutorial. Learn and understand that things aren’t “original.” They are recreated with a twist through inspirational works and guides. Take a look at the videos below.

Talk about being mindfucked right?

….now how cool is that?


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