Red Se7en Series

Posted: September 13, 2011 in Photography
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This is an experimental abstract photography series that I did based off of the 7 cue ball and flowers. I attempted to take a slightly different approach than some of the other “cool” billiards photography that I saw online. Seeing as how 7 is considered a lucky number and I could find flowers for it by color, I figured well why not?

  1. usinglight says:

    First of all thank you for your feedback in my blog. I was hanging out in yours for a while and I am drawn towards these pictures again and again. Great stuff! I love the way you pictured the lucky seven with the flowers. As you were willing to give great straight forward feedback – very well appreciated by me – I want to ask: Did you ever consider only choosing the classical number of 3 pictures? I would only choose number one, three and four and think that they would make a great triptych. The others are beautiful, but I think that they do not belong in this series. What do you think?

    • harruhsun says:

      Hey, no problem on given feedback. I liked your photo and didn’t think it would hurt to give my opinion. I’m glad that you like the photos. I try and take some interesting pictures and set ups if I can so there’s plenty more where that came from. As for the Red Series I think you are right about them being for three instead of five and I think I just wanted to display these particular ones. I actually have about 15-20 different shots and I think these are the best ones. I will keep them on my site but if I decide to enter any contest and use these images, I will definitely take your advice and make it into a 3 piece series for a submission….Coolness.

  2. Dava Greely says:

    Striking photos! The color is so lustful!

    • harruhsun says:

      Thanks! This was originally a project that required a specific color range so I chose red. I think it turned out well and interesting with the cue ball and flower arrangement.

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