Title Sequence: Eight

Posted: August 8, 2011 in My Videos
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This is a title sequence I made in After Effects for a video class. We all shared the same pool of footage (shot by us in a studio) and the assignment was to make a title sequence of our own choosing. I believe in emulation so I decided to emulate one of my favorite movie title sequences. The movie I chose to copy was Se7en. This is a brilliant title sequence so I broke it down the best I could and make it work with the given clips. Originally I had the footage almost second to second however, the names came to fast on the screen so I had to push the time back a little bit. I know the names are fast and animated but I like that in this video. It’s pretty much a knock off or a remix of Se7en so I titled it 8eight.

I did the color corrections, cuts and effects myself. I went through about maybe 30-40 clips and I trimmed and sorted the footage. I was going to score to it myself, however I was on a time crunch so I found a pretty creepy sound and I thought it blended relatively well together.

Here is the Se7en title sequence by Title Designer: Kyle Cooper

Song: Materia

Album: Final Fantasy Advent Children Soundtrack

Composer: Nobuo Uematsu


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