Art in the Streets

Posted: August 7, 2011 in Inspiration
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This was hands down one of my favorite exhibits. It’s not a “typical” museum one would expect to experience. Although my background is in art, I still find it difficult to find exhibits that I enjoy and don’t bore me. That’s not to sound ungrateful of other exhibits because I do care for a lot of the art out in the world, but this is one that I can truly appreciate down to the very core. To learn and see so much of the rich history of street art made me feel like a kid in a candy store. Seeing art pieces in a book is completely different from actually experiencing and embracing it in person….in some way it was like being inside of an art pop-up book in a non childish blue’s clue sort of way.

Check out the pics.

It ranged from print to 3D to interactive. The first time I went I saw a guy rocking out on a guitar (which was part of the exhibit). I spoke to a security guard to only find out that a few days before I went, there were people performing with the guitar and drums just having fun and jamming so you know that drew in an audience. It was amazing to see the pieces on the walls as if it was a large canvas. The overall mood and vibe was great. There were LOTS of bold colors that popped out and there were some pieces that were muted. There were size variation from small to enormous. The dirty, grunge and gritty side of art is just downright spectacular…gotta love it.

I went twice because the first time I went my i-phone was practically dead and I really wanted to take pictures so I went another day. Unfortunately for me I didn’t get around to going again until a few days ago and I wasn’t the only one thinking about it because that line was almost theme park long… shit. I was pretty surprised to see so many people wanting to see it but then again it was practically the last week so I guess it was word of mouth or just plain out procrastination. I was supposed to go eat with two friends who had just got off work and they were willing to tag along with me before dinner until they saw the line and there was no way they were going to wait. I figured it was a done deal and I just wasn’t going to be able to get some pics. After dinner they took off and I went back to see if the line was still ridiculous and lucky for me it wasn’t. The only problem was they were going to close at 8pm…I got there at 7:45pm. I literally only had 15 minutes to dash through the crowd and take as many photos as I could within the short amount of time. I managed to get a decent amount but I really wish I would’ve gotten more but I’m sure there will be another time…the Apocalypse or “The Rapture” hasn’t happened so it’s not the end of the world…at least not yet.

Adjacent to this was the Levi’s Film Workshop… was literally next door, so it enhanced the overall experience so check it out.

If you didn’t catch it now THEN GO next year assuming there will be one. It costs practically nothing buck a few bucks (for students it’s five dollars). Bring family or some friends or maybe perhaps even a date. This something everyone can enjoy whether you are an artist or not.

…….now how cool is that?

  1. Colm Hogan says:

    Great post. Love the pics – looks like a very interesting exhibit. Good for you for going twice to get some good shots.

    • harruhsun says:

      Thanks I think it was worth the effort of going back and documenting. I managed to take about 30+ pics and if I had more time I would have gotten a lot more but I’ll try again next year.

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