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This is a title sequence I made in After Effects for a video class. We all shared the same pool of footage (shot by us in a studio) and the assignment was to make a title sequence of our own choosing. I believe in emulation so I decided to emulate one of my favorite movie title sequences. The movie I chose to copy was Se7en. This is a brilliant title sequence so I broke it down the best I could and make it work with the given clips. Originally I had the footage almost second to second however, the names came to fast on the screen so I had to push the time back a little bit. I know the names are fast and animated but I like that in this video. It’s pretty much a knock off or a remix of Se7en so I titled it 8eight.



This was hands down one of my favorite exhibits. It’s not a “typical” museum one would expect to experience. Although my background is in art, I still find it difficult to find exhibits that I enjoy and don’t bore me. That’s not to sound ungrateful of other exhibits because I do care for a lot of the art out in the world, but this is one that I can truly appreciate down to the very core. To learn and see so much of the rich history of street art made me feel like a kid in a candy store. Seeing art pieces in a book is completely different from actually experiencing and embracing it in person….in some way it was like being inside of an art pop-up book in a non childish blue’s clue sort of way.

Check out the pics.


Car Commercial Score

Posted: August 5, 2011 in My Videos
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This is a car commercial that I did Foley and scored to in Logic Pro. It required piano in the beginning then to transform into a rocky edge sound. I think I nailed it.

Unknown #1

Posted: August 2, 2011 in My Random Art
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This is an abstract design I made. I learned how to make just one of those shapes and then I did my own thing and incorporated many of them in duplicates and created my own design.

This would look pretty bad ass on a laptop skin or better yet…..a lunch box.